The 5 American COVID Attitudes


As promised, our second wave of COVID-19 research explores the different ways Americans are feeling about the crisis, how they’re coping, and what they most fear. We’ve identified 5 major groupings that cover the range of attitudes we see most frequently in our research on everyday Americans. Science-writer, Mark Travers, PhD, took a deep-dive into our findings and summarized them in his latest article for Forbes.

The chart below summarizes the 5 groups, which we’ve labeled:

    1. Sounding-All-Alarms
    2. At-Risks
    3. Under-Controls
    4. Open-Ups
    5. Dismissers

Pie chart of the five COVID-19 personality types

We’ve created detailed profiles of each of these groups, including their demographics, personality traits, favorite news sources, shopping habits, and a variety of other characteristics. If you want to learn more about what makes them tick and how your business can adapt to this new consumer landscape, reach out, we’re here to help!

What’s next? We’re seeing that people’s attitudes change if they personally know someone who’s gotten sick. But right now, most people still don’t actually know anyone who’s personally had the disease; however, that’s going to change as the states open up. The push to open up and the reaction to COVID-19 hitting people closer to home are going to collide – which force is going to dominate? Where, and when?

We’re on the case.

Stay safe, and stay tuned.

~ Kyle Stamper, Chief Data Scientist

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