Market Intelligence. Think Greater…

Greater Divide is a marketing research and data science consultancy based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kristen Bech is the President of Greater Divide.

We are experienced.

We have decades of experience helping clients design and execute high-impact research. Our work spans various industries including technology, consumer goods, healthcare, and financial services. We bring a broad perspective and a deep methodological toolkit to our client engagements. We are experts in tracking research and have developed robust and market-validated techniques in the areas of qualitative and quantitative analysis, segmentation, forecasting, brand equity monitoring, spatial analytics, machine learning, and advanced artificial intelligence. Most importantly, we know what it means to do high-quality research. We understand that trade-offs are a necessary part of the process. We always encourage our clients to think through various alternatives to find the best-fit solution. We don’t take on projects where we deem the resource investment to outweigh the benefits, and we never shy away from telling clients when not to engage in a piece of research.

We are nimble.

It used to be that the strong survived. In today’s marketplace, it is the fast that survive. The pace of research has accelerated tremendously in the past few decades. No longer is an 8-12 week timeline acceptable. Executives want to see results weekly, even daily, to help them make informed decisions. Operating as a small and coordinated team of experienced researchers, we are able to act swiftly to meet the needs of our clients.

We are laser-focused on results.

We don’t believe in black boxes. We don’t put research methods ahead of objectives. And, we never do research for the sake of doing research. Rather, we are laser-focused on answering our clients’ most pressing business questions in a manner that is practical, expeditious, and correct.