New research project: Understanding COVID-19



Greater Divide’s business is helping our clients understand consumers – how they’re thinking, feeling, acting, and planning for the future. In 2020, virtually everyone and everything is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which, as of this writing, is still spreading around the globe.

We hear every day from organizations that are struggling to make informed decisions and plan for the future while facing deep uncertainty around what COVID-19 means for their customers, their industry, and their employees.

To provide our clients with desperately needed insights and clarity, Greater Divide is launching a COVID-19 research project to study, track, and forecast the impact of the virus across the country. We are bringing together expertise from across industry and academia, paired with our own advanced technology and consumer research data, to make sense of this new world we’re living in and to give our clients the information they need to navigate through it.

Our first wave of COVID-19 research is already well underway, so stay tuned for our latest updates and findings.

To participate, or to find out more, please reach out:

Stay safe, and stay tuned.

~ Kyle Stamper, Chief Data Scientist


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